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Since they explicitly mention HLG in the changelog, I assume that they pushed DV further back. Nothing new over at Sony.

Looks like Sony will first roll out the Nougat update to the ATV2 models released in the second half of 2016.

Sony again starts the roll-out in the U.S. So we are most probably still months away here in Europe. Especially for owners of an ATV1 model (2015 + early 2016), a release for sure is not imminent. People are not exchanging TVs as often as their mobile friends. Security updates are important on today's SmartTVs as we are storing more and more sensitive data on those.

Only updating Android is not enough. What is really causing issues are the parts that Sony/MediaTek are responsible for, which are the Linux kernel and drivers and also Sony's own Live TV integration. Those are the weak spots.
Crippled SideView app update arrived today. I Uninstalled it as it is pretty useless now. Can't believe Sony is doing that. Seems like they don't give a shit about Europe and the still popular broadcast TV there. Integrated tuners are really a pain and hardly usable at all, even more so after the discontinuation inside the SideView app.
Dunno. I updated ;) . I assume that the reason for the discontinuation is Gracenote and that it won't deliver EPG data anymore at some point in time...

Sony might also remove the respective functionality on TV side, so it won't communicate anymore with older SideView versions, probably starting with Nougat...
Android 7.0 can be downloaded here and installed on compatible Sony TVs via USB from here:
UK: Fall 2016 TVs: ... s/00014699
UK: Spring 2017 TVs: ... s/00014700
USA: Spring 2017 & Fall 2016 TVs: ... en|drivers

It appears that the software is the same for all of Europe but to be sure go to your local Sony support page.
A German Sony supporter today announced that the Nougat update is planned to be rolled out to ATV1 devices in the 4th quarter of the year. So it might very well also get delayed well into 2018 like it has been the case with Marshmallow.
We also received two statements from Sony regarding ATV1 based TVs as well as Dolby Vision / YouTube HDR.

Regarding ATV1:
- "The plan is still to update the remaining Android models but no time frame has been announced. Currently, we are rolling out to 2016 M2 and 2017 models."

Regarding Dolby Vision / YouTube:
- "A time frame for the rest of the promised updates (YouTube HDR, Dolby Vision) will be announced as soon as possible"
Nougat 7. wont do much of anthing for the Sony TV Google TV Android platform given the 3rd world rubbish CPU and inadequate memory Sony uses @ Andoid TV 's like the rubbish edge bleeding 4K Triluminous wanna be HDR 2015 Sony 55X850C here .

I had to already put an LED bar in the 55 X850C panel ,a main board and repair the PSU /LED board in it when it fried all that at once at less than 2 years ( poor thermal design and cheap panel like my 2013 1080P Sony Bravia but at least it is a 10 bit panel or a convincing 8 bit + frc panel ) . :x

I have a new entirely better Smart TV experience and stability in my way better 3.5 X brighter Genuine QDOT HDR 1000+ 2016 Samsung UN 55KS 8000 free (in here ) instead of the Sony from the aftermarket extended warranty on the Sony train wreck .

I kept and fixed the Sony 55X850C Rubbish for less than $200.00 in new salvage parts and some board circuit parts myself for another room just like my 40" 2013 Sony Bravia already.

I put new LED's in the 2013 Sony Bravia cheap 6 bit + frc dither panel for $18.00 in new salvage parts but like the other 55" Sony it was Cost prohibitive to repair at or by a TV shop in the field . :roll:
There seems to be no mention that Sony now forces SAMBA TV on its customers without a possibility to really opt out.

There has recently been the news of Philips adding targeted ads which is exactly what Sony is doing now.

I really see this as ad-/malware. What's your opinion on SAMBA TV?
I am still on Marshmallow, so...

There are lots of upset users on German and British Sony communities. A way to really opt out of SAMBA TV has been found it seems, see here.

Still it is not possible to completely uninstall the bloatware that has been added with Nougat, like this SAMBA TV or Asphalt Nitro. So instead of making the system slimmer and faster, Sony seems to be doing everything to pollute it even further.

Abandoning useful features to spare every dime, adding more and more adware to make one or the other additional dime, effectively only pissing customers off... that's Sony's current attitude...