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I am currently testing a Sony BRAVIA KD-65XF9005. A respective review can be found here. It is mainly about Sony's integration of Android TV in ATV2 based products, therefore applying to all BRAVIA sets released after mid-2016. There is also a new ATV2 Bug-Tracker.

Things didn't change in a dramatic way compared to Sony's ATV1 platform, suffering more or less from the same shortcomings and bugs. The biggest achievement in those 3 years seems to be that Amazon Prime Video finally plays smoothly without major dropouts.
I'm guessing that Sony's ATV3 will arrive quite soon so I'm hoping you will dig into that, too.
Will be interesting to see what will happen. This page rumored the next SoC to be MT5597 which doesn't have a single benefit over MT5596 apart from Dolby Vision which Sony in the meantime implemented an own HEVC-DV decoder for in their FPGA. GPU in MT5597 has even been downgraded to Mali 450 from 2012. So we would be going from OpenGL ES 3.2/Vulkan 1.0 to OpenGL ES 2.0. It is more likely for Sony to move to MT5598 for which not a lot is known at the current time apart from the increased clock speed. Those TVs really need a push in performance although I think that it is mainly held back by poorly written software.