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Most new TVs claim to support HDR but the hardware is not actually capable of reproducing HDR. A rule of thumb is that the minimum requirement for good HDR is an LCD TV with LED local dimming or better yet an OLED TV. Of course, that's not relevant here but just know that HDR is not just HDR. In the end the quality of the TV matters more than anything. We have encountering "HDR" on many LCD TVs that look a lot worse than standard video (SDR), basically because to display HDR the TV is trying to push beyond its limits, which has many downsides such as raised blacks, washed out colors, and more. That's why we usually recommend not to use HDR in these case.

I don't have a PS4 in front of me right now but I recall being able to activate 4K without HDR in the advanced video settings menu. If that's possible, that would be my recommendation.