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Interviewing BOE MicroLED TV Partner: the CEO of Rohinni

Mini LCD development
10,000 lighting zones,
1:1,000,000 contrasts

CEO of Rohinni - the microLED TV partner of BOE Pixey. Samsung, LG and Sony are shaking in their boots, because BOE the largest tv panel manufacturer in the world has partnered with America's best and brightest Micro LED engineers to leapfrog the competition. You can jump to the different topics we covered with the time stamps below.
1:32 Rohinni’s partnership with BOE
4:16 Micro LED vs mini LED
8:07 BETTER mini LED TVs coming this year
13:52 Mini LED vs dual cell LCD
14:45 Mini LED solves QD OLED issues - 7,000 nits!
17:05 When will “real” microLED TV arrive?
19:41 18 month product roadmap
21:32 Technical Talk: a better way to make microLED TVs
28.37 Startup engineering company in rural Idaho?
32:05 CEO shares which TV he would buy today, plus his Super Bowl Pick!