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By Rasmus Larsen
96bernardo wrote:Can you do a review about lg 860v and show how much input lag there is on the tv.
Unfortunately we have no plans to review LM860V. Sorry.
By emoney
First thx for the review Rasmus

and second Marco( and westa) I think you wrong here. I have both in my house plasma and some lcd and even that I have the cheapest LG 50'' 2010 model its better then the 40'' sony lcd that almost did cost twice as much and has way more imperfections then that cheap LG plasma.

I also had a panasonic plasma and I was not happy with that one but I seen the VT20 and the VT30 and that was a total different level and way better then the G15 I had so I can see that the VT30 is used for a reverence as it has a very good price/quality relation and your problem with having large windows and bright sunny room does not make plasmas useless garbage as it only limits you in the choice of the products and technology offered.
Not every one is living in a luxury home with tall arched windows and you try to watch an lcd in a dark room you will have a nice clouded and flashlighting blacks with little details in the dark areas and blurings when anything moves faster then walking.

The perfect tv does not exist !! So let us please http://www.magliacalcio2013.com stop this plasma vs lcd crap now as for some one technology is better suited then for another.

Now this sony HX929 is in my opinion to expensive for the quality it offers but this counts for many of sony products, I see similar quality from other makes for less money in almost any shop.
What is the sense of having full led backlighting with local dimming when you dont have enough zones you can control? It better then edge leds with partial local dimming I guess but is it worth the difference of the price tag?
By potroloco
Oh its a shame, model lm860v is the most "complicated" model inside lg series! everywhere bad opinios about it, and i wanno know if is true or not

i don´t underestand why this 860v have 960cdm2 contsrast and the reviewd model in flatpanelshd 7600s 1.400.... and else worst black levels than 760s...