TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
I'm thrilled with this new TV. Looks great, was easy to setup. Great recommendation from FlatpanesHD.

I do have a small issue running the calibration that was recommended in the April 2nd test though.

I'm able to setup all of it except when I get to settings for gamma, RGB method, and each high/low settings for R, G an B.

How do I get to that menu?
Has anyone done this recently?
Is it possible that these settings are gone from the new firmware?

Thanks in advance for any feedback/tip

You're welcome :-)

They should be there but they are not available from all input types. Which input type did you use when trying to calibrate? Also, did you use one of the Expert profiles?
Duh... I figured it out. I didn't see the arrows at top and bottom of the display that allow to scroll to the other measurements...
I found all just as you had them listed. I admit I'm new to this kind of equipment.
Thanks anyway for replying. I'm sure I'll more questions as I go. I'm hoping to try all the input setting with it, from computer, ipad, smartphone, stereo, etc...