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By Game500
#7803 I went on Vizio's website numerous times, few of their 2017 models are on their site in the store.

*D55n-E2- 55" 1080p Basic set
*D50n-E1- 50" 1080p Basic set
*D48n-E0- 48" 1080p Basic set
*D43n-E1- 43" 1080p Basic set
*D39hn-E0- 39" 720p Basic set
*D32hn-E1- 32" 720p Basic set

There is also one E-Series model, weird.

But the 32", 39" and 43" D-Series models are available for purchase. Interesting.
*Note: The 50" and 55" D-Series models don't have documentation online.
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By Rasmus Larsen
#7812 Game500: Ahh, I see.

I recall that Vizio launched the 2016 D series 4K TVs in December 2015. So, the ones you've found on the website are the basic HD models in the 2017 D series. I guess we can assume that Vizio will add 4K 2017 D series models in a few months from now? I'm curious to see if the new 4K D series will include the Google Cast platform.