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By Juris_B
It is evident that the underlying system in a Philips TV has roots in a broadcast/channel mindset, which is why all shortcuts and side menus relate to tuner-based delivery rather than streaming apps.
I don't know if You meant it like live channels streaming apps, but in Latvia we have this "Shortcut" cable network. You have the box with its own remote and You connect to TV via HDMI. They also have android TV app, where You can also watch Eurosport and National TV channels etc. I tried it, and to my big surprise they where not only available through app, but also in the actual TV interface. With all the schedule and so on, so You actually dont need to use the app - I love it. I can finally get rid of that ugly TV box and controll everything with one Philips remote.

Any way - nice review!

Does on new Philips TVs (2019) when You are on some hdmi input source (bluray player) and You go to android homescreen - does back button on remote brings You back to that source, or nothing - and You have to go to sources and select the input? On my 2018 Philips tv, when it came out (android 6 was it?) the back button brought You back to previous source, but now on Android 8 it does nothing. I hate it.
By Ethnogeny
Is there any improvement on motion interpolation compared to the OLED803? How is motion interpolation compared to Sony and Panasonic?

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By Torben Rasmussen
It’s basically on par with Sony and Panasonic, when used at low settings (compared to Sony and Pana on low settings). It get really aggressive on higher settings and ruins the image badly. Pretty much the same as with the 803.
By Sledgegamma
Thanks for the excellent review!

I just got myself an 804 and have a question regarding the setting “colour gamut”:

The options are either “normal” or “wide”. What is the correct setting for SDR and HDR respectively?

Stupid me....you posted it already under “Color space” :roll:

I just found out that it only receives 8 bit signal for HDR10 and DV from ATV 4K....Settings on TV (HDMI) and ATV are correct :(