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Hello, soon I ll be buying a new tv, the size will be 65" and I can't decide what path to take!

I use the TV mainly for movies and tv shows and ps4 pro gaming!

I'm not that good in seeing the difference between different panels, if you put in front of me a 1080p screen and a 4k, I might see the difference, but not so sure about a LCD 4k and an Oled 4k.

I never ever calibrated TV or stuff like that, just plugged them out of the box, and the quality to me was always great.

I think I'm not the kind of guy that notices small details like many of you would.

So that s why I m so undecided! The budget is around 2000 euros,

and what I was thinking is, if the difference betweend a good LCD and an OLED is not that big for a casual user, what if with the money I save buying a LCD I also buy a good sound system? I love great sound, so buying an LCD would allow me to get Dolby Atmos or whatever is good right now?

And if you have advices on some particular models, those are more than welcome!

Thank you
Hi, this is absolutely my personal opinion, been around in home tech stores for several years and very interested in tech. Anything but very bright conditions you go OLED all the way, i have met sooo many clients who have changed their Q80, Q90 etc models for oled, black quality and contrast, there is no competition, the more there is pure black in bright areas, like star sky is the best examble. Black is close in some cases for oled and qled but in general you be sad to go to qled. for 2000e LG C9 is the best, Philips OLEd:s same price or even cheaper, ambilight, amazing picture colour rich and bright, I personall have 65 philips oled 803. Where it loses for lg is gaming, philips not so good gaming tv. Not fast enough. Like for your use case as a gamer, C9 is the best option. Dark room conditions Oled is bright enough for good HRD, colous are more natural also. And one real plus for you, C9 does not require calibration, yeah it helps but not much. ISF modes are good, little tweaking and voila! Qleds are tougher to get right, i would not go that path.