TVs, including LCD/LED, plasma, OLED, and more. Ask for buying advice, or help others, share experiences etc.
Let me start off saying I'm pretty poor so I don't have much to spend. My ideal range is $100-$150, with cheaper options obviously being preferable. I plan on using part of my stim check to upgrade some of my current tech, and hand-me-downing my current stuff to my speaker

My current TV (a cheap 768p Insignia) has a serious problem with games that have practically any darkness at all. It's very bad unless I crank the brightness every time I enter a dark area or night falls. (And then I have to revert afterwards) Right now I use my TV for my PS4, PC, and basic cable, so I'm not super picky about the resolution, though I'd like a 1080p display.

I'm not looking for a smart TV or anything like that. I don't really like Smart TVs all that much, especially since my PC will pick up that slack. I would like a TV with 2 HDMI ports and at least a composite, but preferably a component for any retro games I may play.
Did you find any thing good.

I am also looking for one that can act as TV and second monitor for my laptop. I was checking this website for some decently priced gadget but could not find anything in my budget. So I am not searching for second hand stuff.