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I'm not an avid TV watcher but I'm about to buy a new one.
I usually watch a lot of Netflix so I'd like to try the new 4K + HDR combo on a 55'' TV.

I dont want to spend a lot so I'd like an advice for the best "cheap" tv I can find in Italy.

Seems Italian (EU) P6 serie of TCL is different from the US one.
We have the U55P6006 - U55P6046 - 55DP660.
Or the U55X9006 - QLED
I can't tell the difference.
Any suggestions?
What about the new Hisenses?

Thank you.
There's not a lot of information out there like the reviews on TVs. Aldo, the decent budget TCL tvs aren't sold in the EU market. So what are your suggestions and why?