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By Zajtam
I would like to hear your advice on which TV to choose, 85" LED Sony XH90 (for 2300 eur) or Sony 77" AG9 OLED (for 3300 eur). My viewing distance is approx. 3 meters.
I know that OLED has better picture, however I would like to hear from Rasmus and others who have seen both TVs in realworld:
- will 85" size compensate for lower picture quality, as it gives wider viewing angle
- or do you recommend 77" OLED (despite the much higher price)
I do not watch TV in completely dark room. And I understand that XH90 will have light bleeding and occasional hallos as a consequence of FALD.
There are several Youtube videos, that show that the differences between XH90 and OLED and not that big. And honestly, I even like the warmer colors of XH90 better.
Which one should I choose (or even wait for 2021 TVs?)
Thanks in advance.
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By JinhoKang
I purchased 77" A9G in Summer 2020. I ended up returning it and went with 85" Z8H.
Pros about A9G
- Black is black. No bloom effect
- "infinite" color contrast
Cons about A9G
- Temporary Burn-in / ghost effect appeared after playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla for 3 hours.
- Limited Brightness - OLED panel could not get some movie scene's brightness correctly
- I could see some vertical 'bending'... After testing various configuration, I conclude that the panel just could not handle the brightness in pictures that go beyond 600 nit. I could see it in some youtube videos, 4K movies including Lion King (2019), Interstellar, and PS4 games in Ghost of Tsushima
Note that this was not only the 'Sony OLED panel issue... I saw it in LG CX and GX 77" models also.

I'm quite happy with Z8H LCD with FALD. You can see some bloom effects... but tolerable for me.