TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
Dear Rasmus,

I would like to ask you some questions about calibration of local dimming LED-TVs and how to measure corretly. I hope you can help me a bit.

I purchased a Toshiba 55SV685D (Full LED Local Dimming). From my home cinema times (huge CRT projectors etc.) and for digital photo workflow calibration (Gretag Software) I still use an Eye One PRO spectroradiometer and ColorFacts and HCFR, but I like HCFR very much. My Eye One PRO was calibrated and certified 06/2010. Some time ago I calibrated my displays and CRT-TV and some displays and projectors for friends. I did no further TV calibration for about three years (only my printers and PC displays), so I have no experience with Local Dimming etc.

When I measure my Toshiba 55SV685D, even in "Film" mode, I get very strange values. Extreme high red gain and red offset, non-linear red, Gamma is so bad. If I turn off Local Dimming at least the Gamma tracking measures better, but is this the way to measure it? Color saturation is much too high, as it is for most TVs.

The measured values with or without activated local dimming are very different, especially the gamma tracking. With local dimming activated, the values differ between windowed and full screen testpatterns. I can measure and calibrate color saturation via test patterns, but when I watch films, it seems that color saturation is still much too high.

How do you measure grayscale, gamma, color saturation correctly with these TVs?
Do you activate or deactivate local dimming (for grayscale, gamma, color saturation)?
Do you use full screen or windowed test patterns (I know Plasma and LCD react different)?
Which test patterns are the best to measure color saturation (color bars, windows, APL windows)?

I use the DVE-Basic (don't like it) and the AVCHD709 calibration disc. I also have some German test DVDs (Burosch, Peter Finzel) but I like the AVCHD709 very much.

I am no professional calibrator but during my home cinema times I got a bit of experience an knowledge.

I would appreciate your help very much. In the earlier times of my home cinemas it was much easier to get good measured results from my Eye One PRO, but with all these automatic functions, local dimming, contrast automatic etc. in my new LCD-TV I find it very hard to get good and traceable values.

Because of the very strange values (extreme non-liner red tracking) I am not sure whether my TV is possibly defective. I can provide some HCFR charts if it is of any interest.

I thank you very much in advance.