Feedback and suggestions on the forums
By badii
Dear Rasmus,

Flatpanelshd and other sites have reported about the new Toshiba 55ZL1
which is due for sale in Europe in about 3 months.
Much is known about the 2D -> 3D scaling and the 3072 LEDs, but
almost nothing about its recording capabilities.
Maybe you can get access to this information and post it on your site:

a) Will the 55ZL1 have an internal hard disk drive (1 TB, more?) for recordings?
b) Will it have twin cable tuners (DVB-C), so that it will be possible to
record one program while watching another one?
c) Will it have one or two CI+ slots?

Thank you for your great work.
Best wishes,

Remo Badii
Since yesterday it is official: the 55ZL1 comes in may.
The price is still open.
The Cevo engine is a 7-core processor, and the TV will
have face recognition capability, so that personal
settings will be available immediately, upon recognition
of the user.
A 500 GB HDD is included, placed behind the TV and
removable. Moreover, the set will be able to auto-calibrate
itself using a spectrometer (which should cost about 250 EUR)
without the need of an external computer.

As usual, the official press statement and all the reports
by the journalists fail to mention whether the TV will
have DUAL DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S tuners or not.

I assume yes, since it would be a waste if such a
revolutionary TV were not able to record one program
while showing another on the screen.

Maybe Rasmus you can find out this little bit of information
from your "sources"?

Thank you for your work.