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By wentworth
Hello Rasmus:

Maybe it'd be interesting to know about the situation of DVB-T2 in the mainland.

TV makers don't install DVB-T2 tuners in their sets, but they still install Analog tuners. :?

UK is the exception to the rule. They've got DVB-T2 broadcasts so they've got DVB-T2 tuners in their new TV sets.

DVB-T2 is the new version of the current DVB-T. It's an evolution: more bandwith, more bitrate, so more HD channels.

I know that Italy is heading to DVB-T2, but I don't know anything about France or Germany or Denmark.

What will be the position of the European governments?
What will be the answer of the TV makers?

Rasmus, you've got homework to do ... ;)

By red5goahead
Italy not yet ready officialy fpor the t2

Dgtvi release useful colored markers for the tv and decoder to pick out the right product

the gold ones for the tv or decoder with dvb-t hd decoder, with CI o CI+ and mhp
the silver ones like Gold but for the decoder that have not mhp
the blue ones like Gold but with no hd support
the gray one for the with no hd support but with lcn , epg and ota features.

Dgtvi do not have any markers for the T2 yet.
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By Rasmus Larsen
I'm not sure about Italy and France but Danmark and Sweden are already using DVB-T2 and it the integration into TVs started in 2011 in the Nordics. The only TV provider in Denmark that offers DVB-T2 channels is one called Boxer. No public TV is broadcast via DVB-T2.

The real question in my perception is if we actually need DVB-T2 in the most developed countries. Could the internet serve as a better pipe for TV channels?
By gurivan
I live in Ukraine and since October 2011 we have four nationwide DVB-T2 multiplexes (167 transmission sites) covering 92% of territory. Probably we are lucky in this regard because of direct analog to DVB-T2 transition. DVB-T (1gen) was alive for couple of years but only for testing purposes in several cities. IMHO, for countries with already deployed and well developped DVB-T infrastructure the way to DVB-T2 will take long long time and even may never happen. Frankly saying the difference between 1st and 2nd gen. is not so big to invest money in new hardware.
By wentworth
The difference is called band width.
And band width is money, my friend because in the same space you can have more channels or more HD channels.

The user maybe will be ignorant of this technology, but if the EU decides to implement DVB-T2, everybody will have to change :? and the current tv sets with DVB-T tuner will be useless.

Italy says from 2015 every TV set will have DVB-T2 tuners.

By dipzee
I would like to replace mu analog tuner with the DVB t2 tuner. As I am dealing with this for the first time I would like to get your suggestion regarding the usage of the new tuner. Please help me out with its installation