TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
Round 2 of my tribulations (I admit I'm not the most tech saavy for sure):

I am trying now to connect a Bose Lifstyle acoustimass to the LG TV. I'm pretty sure I have all the cables, however no sounds is coming out. I know it's got to be the choice of the output port on the TV...which one should I use? The TV at this point is just hooked up to the internet via WIFI and nothing else.

Thanks in advance for any tips
I have tried to hook up using a regular sound cable, however it seems that I was plugging it in a "IN" on the TV. The only "OUT" I can see is optical. So I'm not sure how I'm going to go at it from there. My understanding is that optical is very unique as far as signal... being a flashing light for starters.

Anyway I'm still researching the how to's. I'm going to look at the link you sent me and maybe be a bit smarter after reading about it.

Thanks again for your reply.
Most new TVs only have optical audio out. Analog audio out are removed on even expensive TVs nowadays.

The alternative is to connect it to the headphone jack on the TV.

You have not optical input on your Bose sound system? Most new sound systems have one or more optical inputs.
That's the answer.
My Bose system is almost 10 years old!
No optical "IN"

Now I didn't notice a headset hookup on the TV.
At this point, I have only one optical out. No other audio output. Oh well... Time to upgrade the stereo ;-)