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Hello everybody,
slowly I'm sick of reading all those online monitor reviews, it's about time to make a decision ;-) Hope You can help me with this.

I need a good multimedia display, but focused on amateur photo processing in Adobe Lightroom . After buying a monitor it will be calibrated using appropriate tools. RAWs will be processed in Lightroom and than placed on my website; the best ones will be developped to a paper in an exteral lab.

I've narrowed my search to 2 monitors:
1. BenQ BL2411pt (or Dell u2412m, but benq is slightly better, I guess)
2. Eizo FS2333

Is there anyone here who has actually seen both monitors (by both I mean Dell u2412m or Benq BL2411pt compared to Eizo FS2333, standing next to each other) and can tell me which one would be better for amateur photo processing?

Should I sacrifice better resolution and better static contrast in benq/dell and get Eizo anyway? Is it worth paying more? I don't need any gaming functions, just a good performance in photo processing, like mentioned above.

All the monitors are in the same class, but I would probably prefer one of Eizo's monitors if the prices compare. They tend to pre-calibrate and adjust the monitors to higher standards than most, which also has a role to play when calibrating.

Have you considered the EV2436W? The flicker-free LED backlight is really great if you spend many hours in front of monitor.
Thank You for reply...

Unfortunatelly Eizo EV2436 is out of my price range.
But if You think FS2333 would be better in colour accuracy than 24 sized BenQ, I have one more option available - Nec EA234Wmi. The problem is that there are no online tests/reviews available of that monitor. I know that FS2333 and mentioned Nec use pwm technology, but i cant afford to spend more $.

There is also HP Z24i available (probably pwm free), but it's new on the market so no english reviews yet... But still its the same situation - probably Eizo/Nec are still better in colour accuracy than any of HPs monitors, am I wright?
By eman
Also, there is no option to change the colour tempeture to other than normal, bluish, redish and custom which does,nt allow me to change the colour values. The are just set to 100 all three colours.