PC monitors of all kinds.
Dear FlatPanesHD,
You have a typo in the
TV & Monitor Recommendations
http://www.flatpanelshd.com/focus.php?s ... 1229341472
The intro blurb for the "monitors - gaming" is the same as the "Monitors – graphics, photography, video" section.
BTW Very nice and detailed monitor reviews and very useful in my search for a gaming monitor for my requirements.... (a third monitor to join my BenQ duo for gaming)
Heh, Still looking.
Whilst I like the idea of a 37" curved monitor, at about £800 it's out of my budget to replace the two BenQ 24" monitors I already have.
So the aim is to use a good 3 monitor mount and put the new gaming one in the middle. My kids have their computers on the same desk. It's a large desk from IKEA called the Jerker. This lets me have the kids next to me playing, whilst at night and they are in bed I can line them up to all face me...
This does mean though that your Eizo FG2421 recommendation isn't compatible for me as it doesn't have a vesa mount... (Although I considered getting it and positioning 2 outer monitors on the clamp mount...)
The priority criteria are 24", 144MHz with vesa support (I have a Radeon 7950). Freesync would be great as I intend upgrading the graphics card to a Fury at some point. That I hope is for an Occulus Rift (for Elite Dangerous) but I doubt I'll be on it all the time although I would be pleasantly surprised if I was!
A super-sized curved monitor would be nice. At some point in the future I guess I'll switch to such a setup :)

There are several options in the 24" class but many of them are TN based. Don't know if you are interested in those?

I had also planned to upgrade my PC hardware for the Oculus Rift launch but to be honest I think I'll wait for the second-gen headset. I haven't tried the final consumer version yet but I've tried to Crystal Cove prototype, which is close, and honestly I still feel that resolution is too low. Also, I don't like the fact that they use pentile pixels but since it's a Samsung AMOLED inside I guess that's what Oculus had to settle for (for now).