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Problems with activation or login?

If you experience problems with login or activation of your account please read the text below.

When you create a user on Flatpanels you’re supposed to receive an e-mail with an activation link to become active. If you never receive this mail it might be caused by one of these two problems:

1. The activation e-mail is in your spam folder. Unfortunately some users have experienced that our e-mails are blocked. To ensure this won’t happen in the future too, add our e-mail to the list of trusted e-mails. We will never send out spam or other non-relevant material.

2. You might never have received the activation e-mail. If you can’t find it in your spam folder and nothing shows up within a few hours, please contact us with your e-mail and username. We will handle the activation manually. Write to: [email protected]

<b>Login issues</b>
Sometimes our cookies change and if an old cookie is placed on your PC you might experience problems with logging in. If this happens do as follows:

Delete cookies and temporary internet files in your browser.