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By Steve
Here is a suggestion that could make this a prime site.

I've noticed, like the Panasonic DX900, that some TV's have a superior panel. A lot of panels are manufactured by companies and shared out to different brands.

If we can find out where the best panels are from, we can find out which is the latest generation of those panels and which brands and models use them. Also, sometimes manufactures play with the backlight or the color filter.

So, the latest version of the panel inside the DX900 might be in another TV, at a reduced price with better panel specs. In the same way you can make a guide to look for TV's that use these panels that will look good when calibrated properly.

Thanks guys.
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By Rasmus Larsen
My impression is that these high-end panels are often exclusively made for the brand. So the panel in Pana DX900 and Sony Z9D are not found in other sets.

I could be wrong, though. There may be regional exclusives so some of them may show up in Chinese TVs being sold in China only, for example.
By Steve
I agree. Like the phosphor technology used on the dx900. But maybe some good panels have a lot shared. I can tell you, that certain panels seem to be distinctly similar to a previous year in another brand (seen an LG like that). But, as with top lg oled, some maybe shared.

Seems even cheap TV brands have readied 8k models that may turn up at IFA.

Look at the end and the linked articles which mention a few OEM plants pumping out panels. I have seen group buys on this sort if thing in the 4k days with the seki TV. Skyworth had better features though.