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Xbox 720 rumors
Latest rumors about Microsoft's new Xbox

08 Feb 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

The new PlayStation is expected to be unveiled on February 20th but an unveiling of Microsoft’s new Xbox is also nearing, according to sources. Here is the latest chatter about the features of the new “Xbox 720”.

Microsoft's new "Xbox 720"

2013 will be an exciting year for gamers. The "PlayStation 4" is coming, the new Xbox is coming, OUYA is coming and Steam plans to launch a game console initiative. In this article we tell what we have heard about the upcoming Xbox so far.

Xbox 720
One publication claimed to have reproduced this picture of the new Xbox based on plausible indications but we remain skeptical

The most recent report says that Microsoft will implement an expanded voice system similar to Apple’s Siri. It will not only support voice commands but also natural speech so you can say for example; “what are my friends playing?”. The voice system is said to be vastly improved compared to the implementation in the current Xbox and it will even be possible to turn on the Xbox by saying "Xbox On".

The next Xbox is also said to require an always-on internet connection. This is partly to counter pirated games, partly to power the voice system. One of the more controversial rumors is that Microsoft will make it impossible to sell used games and use the internet connection as authentication. The Xbox will also feature a Blu-ray slot which means that games can utilize up to 50 GB of space.

New Kinect, display glasses, TV services & tablet

Microsoft is said to be preparing a new Kinect2 with far more accurate and advanced motion recognition. It will also expand the voice system by allowing users to say for example; “propose new multi-player games” that prompts the Kinect camera to automatically count the users in living room and use that number to suggest games.

Kinect 2
This picture was leaked on twitter last year. It shows how the new Kinect can more accurately detects humans and depth. Credit: superdae on twitter

In addition to the new features, the new Xbox will also serve as a TV box with access to streaming services and other online services. We have even heard rumors of a 7-inch Xbox tablet that will enable cross-platform gaming, and there are also rumors floating around about a Microsoft display glasses project that expands the gaming experience to the living room via augmented reality. However, it is also said that the display glasses will not be released with the Xbox but be unveiled at a later stage.

The new Xbox is widely expected to be showcased at the E3 convention in Los Angeles in June 2013 but sources also indicate that Microsoft could opt to set up a separate even before E3. The new Xbox is expected to ship later this year at around $400.

Learn more about Microsoft’s TV and game console plans in our Microsoft section.

What do you hope to see in the new Xbox?

- Sources: The Verge, superdae twitter

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