BeoVision 12-65 New Generation
Bang & Olufsen launches new BeoVision 12-65

14 Aug 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

Bang & Olufsen has unveiled its new 65-inch BeoVision 12-65 New Generation that aims to set new standards in picture quality and sound on a TV. The TV uses a plasma panel and can be placed on a motorized swivel stand.

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 12-65 New Generation

Bang & Olufsen has announced the successor to last year’s BeoVision 12-65. The new version has conveniently been named BeoVision 12-65 New Generation.

BeoVision 12-65 New Generation
BeoVision 12-65 New Generation

Bang & Olufsen aims to offer the ultimate picture and sound experience. The TV is based on a plasma panel and is driven by the BeoSystem 4 picture engine, which sits in a separate box behind the TV. Bang & Olufsen has integrated a 7.1 surround module that powers the dedicated center speaker and other speakers connected to the TV. The TV has five PowerLink connections and up to 10 BeoLab speakers and a subwoofer can be connected.

Bang & Olufsen also highlights its TrueImage technology that is described as follows:
- "Oftentimes the number of inputs does not match the number of speakers in your setup. Listening to for example a stereo mix CD and wishing to use all seven speakers and subwoofer in the surround sound setup it it possible to upmix the signal and send it to all speakers in the setup. Conversely, it is possible to downmix a 7.1 signal from a Blu-ray movie to a stereo setup to get the full signal range for just stereo. Bang & Olufsen's TrueImage technology handles up and downmixing so you get the optimal experience with your setup."

Built into the TV is also B&O’s Smart TV platform as well as hbbTV and DLNA. The TV’s smart features can be controlled with a Beo4 or Beo6 remote or via a smartphone or tablet with the BeoRemote app. The TV has 5 HDMI inputs and 1 USB.

BeoVision 12-65 New Generation
BeoVision 12-65 New Generation

The TV can be wall mounted or placed on the floor with the motorized swivel stand. The wall mount allows buyers to mount the TV close to the wall. With the introduction a new topaz grey color will be available for the center speakers as well as for the BeoLab 12 that comes in three sizes.

BV 12 NG with BS4 and Wall mount: 15,995 USD - 13,995 Euro
BV 12 NG with BS4 and Floor stand: 17,895 USD - 15,495 Euro
BL12-1: 2230 Euro
BL12-2: 2860 Euro
BL12-3: 4240 Euro

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