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Samsung's 2015: More curves, Ultra HD & Tizen

07 Jan 2015 | Rasmus Larsen |

You already know that Samsung will release so-called S’UHD TVs in 2015. But what else is planned? Samsung remains tight-lipped for now but this much is clear; more curves, more UHD, and lots of Tizen.

Curved UHD TVs with Tizen

Samsung will expand its curved TV focus in 2015 compared to last year. Samsung tells us that around 70 percent of the entire TV line-up this year is curved, and that curved TVs will be available from 32 to 88 inch sizes in a range of price classes.

Samsung CES 2015

Samsung will also move Ultra HD resolution into the mid-range segment as every TV from the 6 series and up will feature Ultra HD and the high-end JS8500, JS9000 and JS9500 models will combine quantum dots with Ultra HD. Samsung will still release some 6 series TVs with Full HD but not 7 or 8 series Full HD TVs as last year.

We have yet to receive information on Samsung’s other TV ranges but it is clear that Ultra HD is about to become the standard after Full HD has ruled for years. And Samsung is making an effort to bring more 4K content to the user. With its new Tizen platform, Samsung will support 4K from, among others, Netflix and Amazon. The latest addition to that is YouTube, which you can enjoy in 4K because Samsung’s 2015 TVs support VP9 (Google’s alternative to HEVC).

Samsung Tizen Smar TV

Tizen is Samsung’s new Smart TV platform and we will have some comments on it later, but for now we just want to say that it in many ways resemble LG’s webOS platform. You can bring up small cards from the button of the screen or go to a full app overview. You can install new apps fromt he app store.

It is unclear how Samsung will make the transition from its old platform to the new Tizen but we are told that many apps have to be updated to work, which probably means that some will not be available at launch. On the other hand, we saw some of the big names in there and Samsung says that it is easy to develop for Tizen. Sony will also bring PlayStation Now to Samsung’s Tizen Smart TVs.

So that’s Samsung in 2015; more curves, more UHD and a new Tizen platform.

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